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Gopal is 66 years young! His wife Malini is 62 years. They have two adoring daughters who live abroad. They are blessed with two grand daughters. They lead an active life. Gopal is still working as a Consultant to keep himself active. He drives his car and his wife and he enjoy long drives during vacation. They have their share of ailments at their age but nothing life threatening! Thank God for that. They have friends with whom they go for movies, picnics, tours etc. they manage their lives with some house keeping assistance. They are able to travel abroad and spend time with their children and grand children.

But there is always the uncertainty of future? What if Gopal gets a Stroke or serious surgery needing long-term rehabilitation? What will happen if one of them is no more alive? What if they become frail with advancing age and are not able to lead this Active Life? Who will provide them with services that they are used to and care that they may need? Should they worry or leave it to fate?

Prudence tells them that they should have a fall back option to meet these challenges. Since reliable domestic help is getting more and more difficult to get and specialized caregivers are even more difficult to find and also expensive, it is better to look at Retirement communities as an option. But the question is which one to choose from the available ones?

Retirement communities are not extension of real estate. The extension is confined to the dwelling that is needed to house the seniors. What the seniors need are services and care until the very end. Mere grab rails and non-skid tiles with some dining arrangement and very basic medical facilities are not what Gopal and Malini are looking for.

So, how do we decide on choosing a retirement community? What would you look for? Share your ideas so that we can improve and also share with you what we feel are the factors that you need to look into.

Please send your views to

Thanks in advance for your views

Colonel (Veteran) Achal Sridharan, VSM

Pioneer and Consultant Senior Care

Managing Director

Covai Property Centre (I) P Ltd

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