Why Retirement Communities are preferred by Senior Citizens?

India has moved from old age homes, which were meant for destitutes and which were run on charity to Retirement Communities. The stigma that was attached to old age homes have been removed by the Retirement Communities since these provide services and care as well as a quality of life that the residents are used to and expect.

 What is it that one gains by living in a Retirement Community meant for Senior Citizens? Some of the advantages of living in a Retirement Community are as follows:-

  1. Freedom from cooking at affordable cost.
  2. Community living in the midst of like minded people.
  3. Interesting active life without boredom.
  4. Group cohesion and mutual accommodation amongst the residents leading to a feeling of life in a large joint family.
  5. Conversation between the residents, which does not let time hang.
  6. Opportunity to go out to movies, malls, picnics etc as a group without any hassles.
  7. Structured availability of services like housekeeping, gardening, plumber, electrician, 24×7 security etc.
  8. Professional management of the retirement community.
  9. Trained and motivated staff to provide Care and Services with Passion and Compassion.
  10. Reduces month on month cost of living and other expenses.
  11. Access to Assisted, Memory and Palliative Care, when required with advancing age.
  12. Emergency and routine medical support and Ambulance facility with trained para-medic.
  13. Retirement Communities provide greater comfort levels to children living far away from parents.

Therefore living in a retirement community enhances quality of life, reduces tension and boredom, provides care at all ages and you get to live in a clean and green environment, which is beautifully landscaped with flowers, trees, water bodies etc. An active life style which is care free, enhances one’s longevity. No wonder people live in Retirement Communities look healthier, happier and full of life. Seniors living in a retirement community are envy of younger generation! Live in a retirement community to begin life!

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